Not A Loser Or Failure - Happiness Vlog

If we cannot love and respect ourselves, other people won't be able to. Watch this. XO

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So many of the problems we have in life is because we think we need to a better version of ourselves to deserve love, respect and acceptance.

It is true that we can always be better, but being better isn’t a goal where we’re only rewarded at the end. Deserving love isn’t like winning a medal, like it’s something we’re worthy of only when we’ve achieved something of great worth.

One of the hardest concepts of grasp in life is that we don’t need to be anyone other than who we already are to deserve love.

Society has taught us about so many things that they become less of a lesson than this constant pressure to be somebody. We’re really used to outside validation to measure our self-worth. Most of the time, this stems from childhood, where we’d only feel like our parents are only proud of us if we achieved something, if we have good grades, a good job and a good relationship.

Most of the time, we’re not even aware of this, aware that so much of what we think of ourselves stems from this deep desire to be loved and accepted by the people we care about. So we continue feeling like we’re not reallllly enough, we’re not realllllly worthy, even if on the outside , we look and come across as really confident.

It’s only in private, in our thoughts, in our feelings and in our relationships that we can see evidence of this lack of self-love. We keep attracting unhealthy relationships or we can’t seem to feel satisfied with our work.

The patterns of our life keep repeating themselves, and we just know that things don’t work out but we don’t exactly know why. And it’s going to keep happening if we don’t stop thinking that we need to be a better version of who we are to be loved, respected and accepted.

We will only grow as a person if we don’t put conditions on ourselves. If we allow ourselves the freedom to make mistakes without judging ourselves a loser or a failure.

It is only when we truly believe ourselves to be deserving of love we can have the relationships and life we want, to be happy, always.

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