ODD Products You've NEVER Seen Until Now (Black Friday Must Haves)

BLACK FRIDAY Products You Have To Buy!

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The holiday season is fast approaching and many of you are, no doubt, searching for items to wrap up and give as gifts to your family and friends. However, you may be feeling that the socks or ‘jam of the month club’ membership just isn’t going to cut it. Not a problem. We’ve found an array of gifts that are both fascinating, bizarre, hilarious and bound to change your life – for better or worse. Get you shopping carts ready because we have a little something for everyone. From metal detectors to robots to the ever popular drones, TheRichest has you covered when it comes to strange and odd products that will change your life. We can’t say they are all practical, or even affordable for that matter. Nonetheless, each of these gifts fills that little void in your life that a gift of socks and undies just can’t do.

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