Ordinary People REIMAGINED As Video Game Characters


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Video Game Characters That EXIST IN REAL LIFE

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Video games are a great way to pass the time while providing entertainment. But they aren’t real, right? Well, we’ve collected together a group of very real people who might just change the way you think about your favorite titles. From looks to ability, these real-life people share quite a bit in common with their digital counterparts. We’ll start you off with Ellie. One of the main characters in the hit game The Last of Us, she sure does look a lot like a rather famous actress. If you’ve played any Call of Duty games you are likely familiar with John Price. An elite, rough talking soldier, Price has a very real-life counterpart who is also a soldier. If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, then stick around to see which real life action star resembles one of the characters. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had one of the most disliked characters in Officer Tenpenny. Turns out he’s more real than you know. In the world of sci-fi we’ll introduce you to Gordon Freeman, who just happens to look like a very real actor best known for cooking meth. Vaas Montenegro was a popular villain from Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. We think it’s both interesting and disturbing there’s a guy who looks and sounds like him. We’ll go outside the bubble for a minute thanks to Elon Musk and make a revelation about reality and video games that just might blow your mind. Getting back on track, we’ll take a look at Kevin Spacey who is pretty similar to Call of Duty’s Jonathan Irons – or is it the other way around? Head back in time through our memories with Assassin’s Creed where you’ll meet Edward Kenway who is a lot like a popular British actor in both looks and timelines. Finally, we’ll end off with a Miami model who has a striking resemblance to Street Fighter’s Chun Li.

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