Our BBC moment

A child of a Berkeley film historian has made a special appearance on Al Jazeera after appearing in the background of a Skype interview about the 75th Golden Globe Awards, enchanting many with smiles in a playful manner. The moment is reminiscent of a 2017 interview on BBC.

Transcript of the social video:

During a live interview with a film historian, we had a special appearance.

Umm that is my child, excuse me.

He can come in. it's not a problem Daniel. We are quite happy to have youngsters on the programme too.

Ok he wants to be a part of this, excuse me.

As you point out very correctly, Hollywood has never been afraid to be outspoken or to jump in there. I think you're going to see a lot of that. I could be wrong, but I think it is going to happen.

Right, my little child?


Yes, that's great.

Thanks so much for joining us from Berkeley.

Thank you very much for having us.


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