People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably

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top 10 funniest pictures of people failing at their workplace
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Now, failing at something every now and then is natural. But when it comes to fairly simple and obvious things, there really isn’t an excuse. These following people all had a relatively simple task to do and they messed it up. From funny to frustrating, they took their one job and just failed miserably at it.
We’ll start off in the grocery store where you’ll be amazed at the levels of fail that occur on a daily basis. From the clerks to the manufacturer, basic reading and comprehension skills have just gone out the window. Don’t run to the bathroom to get away from all those food-related fails. It turns out people in charge of bathroom designs, and even the janitors, are prone to ridiculous failure. From tech company Apple to generic toy manufacturers, you’ll be amazed at the kinds of design mistakes that get through because someone dropped the ball. Even a simple t-shirt design can be messed up because someone couldn’t do one simple job. Heading over to the fast food industry, we have countless examples of ads and signage that failed spectacularly thanks to a visit by Captain Failure. Heading into the stores, be careful how you interpret the displays because there are so many messages that are just so wrong that it’s funny. Of course, you have to get to the store first. That can be a real job in itself given the comical failure of those responsible for informing us of directions and road conditions. We’ll also have to take a look at politicians. They fail a lot but you’ll be amazed at how they can’t even do the simplest of things correctly. Then there’s the people who paint the logos and lines on sports fields. Well, some can’t even do that right. Speaking of sports, we could make a whole video about athletes failing miserably. Instead, we’ll just give you a couple juicy examples. Finally, have you ever wondered who’s responsible for painting messages and lines on roads and in parking lots? We’ll show you, but you need to be ready for some amazing levels of failure.

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