People Who Turned Into Creatures

Bizarre Things That Fell From The Sky

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Ever dream you were something other than human? Perhaps you wished you had wings and could fly like a bird? Or maybe you imagine turning into a Great White shark and surging through the dark waters after your unsuspecting prey? Whatever your views on this, just know that there are actual people who have worked pretty hard to turn into non-human creatures. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!
We guess zombies are technically human, yet Rick Genest has done his best to transform into one of these ghoulish beings. Eric Ducharme must really like mermaids because he wears a special suit and drives hours every week just so he can release his inner merman. We’ll introduce you to one guy who really likes Lucifer and is working his hardest to look like the biblical creature. Looking a bit devilish himself, Henry Rodriguez has made headlines thanks to his extreme modifications that have him looking like a Marvel villain. Not many people aspire to be a Zebra, but we have one circus performer who underwent quite the transition. Speaking of animals you’d find on safari, it wouldn’t be a show without talking about Katzen, AKA the Tiger Lady. Are fairies and elves creatures? Well, they’re not fully human so we’ll look at one Canadian woman who has undergone a transformation to look like a mythical woodland figure. Dogs are awesome, but one guy known only as Tom must really like them because he dresses up as a Dalmatian every day. Looking to be truly terrified? Then check out the vampire lady. She was a lawyer but decided to modify herself in a rather extreme way. Finally, we’ll end on a note of utter ridiculousness with a look at a woman who does her best to mimic a pony. It’s funny and disturbing.

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