Peru: Protesters block highways over surging gas and fertiliser prices

Peruvians continued a wave of protests against a rapid surge in fuel and fertiliser prices triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine as the Andean nation's government moved to try to lower prices.
The turmoil erupted last week as farmers and truckers blocked some main highways to Lima, leading to a sudden surge in food prices.
The government responded over the weekend with a proposal to forego most taxes on fuel to lower prices while also raising the minimum wage.
Analysts say President Pedro Castillo’s populist measures could eventually bring some peace, but a serious crisis looms ahead for him.
Last week Castillo survived a second round of impeachment proceedings after nine months in office spearheaded by his political foes in congress - but now it is the people who first supported him who are demanding him to fulfil his promises or leave.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from the capital, Lima.

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