Phoenix - Phoenix Talk Trashy TV, Teen Angst and Prosecco

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Phoenix Talk Trashy TV, Teen Angst and Prosecco. 2017

French alt rock outfit Phoenix formed in 1995 and came up in the Parisian music scene with the likes of Daft Punk and Air, releasing their 'United' debut in 2000. But it wasn’t until 2009's 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' that they hit the mainstream, scoring a Grammy and shifting over a million records. Now they’re back with “Ti Amo,” an album filled with summery songs that are apparently best enjoyed with copious amounts of Prosecco.

To celebrate its arrival, the band stopped by Vevo to chat about the music, which Thomas Mars says is a bit "strange" this time. In the process the conversation also landed on variety of subjects, including how their lyrics have changed, why 13-year-old boys like screaming in their music, and balancing Nietzsche with 'Celebrity Wife Swap.'

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