Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Tear-Gassed by Federal Agents | NowThis

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was tear-gassed by federal agents while standing with protesters fighting for racial justice and police reform (warning: distressing)

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In US news and current events today, chaos continues in Portland as the federal troops breaking up the Portland protests, attacking Portland moms and even a Portland Navy vet in Portland, Oregon under the orders of President Donald Trump continue to be challenged by a Portland wall of moms. Even Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was tear gassed, proving that if Portland Mayor tear gassed, anyone can be. The Portland Mayor gassed occurred after the Portland Mayor booed by his constituents, a far cry from the unity we've seen from the Portland Moms. Calling themselves the Portland Moms Brigade or Mom Brigade, the Portland mom brigade continues to face off with President Trump Stormtroopers. The Federal police in Portland, Stormtroopers, some have called them, have been abducting protesters and shoving them into a Portland Federal officers van, much to the glee of President Donald J. Trump. However, secret police without identification are a serious step towards fascism, but as long as the Portland moms are on the side of the good guys, they're going to have quite a fight on their hands. Portland has commenced a Portland lawsuit against the Federal Government and President Trump for their unconstitutional use of federal forces and federal troops to crack down on the peaceful Portland protests, but as we can see from this footage of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tear gassed, the chaos is unlikely to stop soon.

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