Products People NEVER BUY Once They Know How They’re MADE!

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10 Things You Will NEVER BUY Again!

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When it comes to using products, we tend to grab the product we’re most familiar with, or the cheapest. In both scenarios, there could be anything in these products and we’re blissfully ignorant of it all. As long as we don’t know, we’re happy, right? Well, this is going to be a hard one to swallow for many of us. We tend to live blissfully unawares of just how our favorite products are made. Yet, we continue to buy them and give that company our business! Of course, we’ve gotten our share of documentaries on Netflix and other streaming sites, filled with people who are trying to get the truth out there to us. Yeah, we’ll watch and get riled up. But will we permanently change our ways? Sometimes that happens. But more often, those angry feelings will subside and then we’ll go back to how things were before as if we never watched that documentary in the first place. However, we here at TheRichest want to get the information out there and we have some interesting information for you!

In this video, we’re going to show you some products you’ll never buy again once you know how they’re made! From weird dyes to pretty gross animal products, you’ll be surprised at just how gross the products you use actually are. It seems that these days, if you ever buy a product from a mainstream corporation, it’s going to have something gross attached to it somehow. So, maybe this video also serves as a warning.

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