Questions Game Of Thrones Needs To Answer In Its Final Season

After season 7's staggering finale, viewers were left with questions they never even anticipated. From ice dragons to Cleganebowl and the fate of some of our favorite characters, here's a spoiler filled look at all the questions Game of Thrones needs to answer in its final season.

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What will happen with the undead dragon? | 0:16
Is Daenerys and Jon's love affair doomed? | 0:38
Will Arya finish her list? | 1:07
Is Cersei really pregnant? | 1:40
What role will Melisandre play? | 2:40
Whose side is Jaime on now? | 3:15
Will Cleganebowl happen? | 3:51
What role will Bran play as the Three-Eyed Raven? | 4:27
Who will reunite in the final season? | 4:53
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