REAL Lakes You Can't Actually Swim In

From mesmerizing colors, and stunning clarity, you won't believe how believe how these beautiful, real bodies of water, aren't for your swimming pleasure!

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Our world’s a pretty cool place, isn’t it? We’ve got mountains that reach the skies, caves full of weirdy exciting glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlies, vast desert plains, and best of all, oreos that taste like Swedish Fish. So yeah, Oreos aside, Mother Nature really knows how to put on a show when she feels like it.

Mother Nature’s work can be so beautiful that it makes our eyes water, yet at the same time, so damn dangerous that it makes our eyes literally fall out entirely. For some of the world’s most stunning lakes might impress on the outside but on the inside are full of radioactive waste, flesh-eating bacteria, volcanic elements, nuclear acid, those sharks from Jaws, and water so hot it could boil us alive - sounds fun, hey?

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