Recent Discoveries That Made People INSTANTLY RICH

10 Bizarre Discoveries That Scientists Couldn't Explian

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You don’t necessarily need to be an archaeologist to uncover a valuable hoard of treasure. Some people have found riches in the most mundane of places, from an old piano to grandma’s kitchen cabinet. We’ll tell you about 10 recent discoveries that made people instantly rich. Buying things online can be a gamble, but it’s one that paid off for one woman who bought a bag at a government auction that turned out to be filled with moon dust. A military memorabilia collector spent a few hundred dollars to buy a box of “flag parts” that turned out to be a flag from the famous Battle of Waterloo - worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might think that the days of prospectors panning for gold is over, but it’s still going strong, and some people have found valuable gold or even diamonds this way. If you’re a car fan with a few million dollars to spare, you’ll kick yourself when you find out that you missed your chance at owning a one of a kind Ferrari that was found kicking around a dusty old barn.

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