Resisting Trump - A conversation with Michael Skolnik

When US President Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, he promised his “Make America Great Again” slogan was more than just words - it was a movement that would sweep him into the White House. But his election also birthed another movement - one of resistance to him and all his presidency stands for.

Less than a day after his inauguration, more than 4 million people marched in more than 600 towns and cities across the United States. Since then, the movement has been galvanised by other protests, spontaneous and planned, huge social media campaigns, fundraising and the growth of grassroots groups.

It has been a chaotic few weeks in US news: a presidential campaign under investigation, changes to foreign and immigration policy a major tax reform bill passed before the end of the year, and the voices of women growing louder, calling out sexual assault and harassment.

So what do you think of the resistance movement? What are they doing right or wrong?

On Monday, we’ll be joined by filmmaker and civil rights activist Michael Skolnik to share his thoughts.

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