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People can give us respect, but it can be just a courtesy. Here's why true respect has to be earned. X

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Respect is not given, respect is earned; yet so many of us seek to obtain respect through fear and control.

In the weirdest sort of way, we do have a certain respect for people who are fearsome. Perhaps that is why people wield their power to incite fear so easily. There’s something almost impressive in the ability to have control over someone’s actions and emotions.

But there are many different kinds of respect, some much higher in quality than others. This is why although many people have respect for their parents, they don’t feel inspired to make plans to visit them often.

Respect may not be given, but it can be present by default. We automatically have respect for our bosses, our parents, people who are older than us. But much of the time, it’s no more than a courtesy respect, the kind where we wouldn’t go out of our way for them, or would even miss them very much if they were gone.

Almost everyone knows that to earn respect, a person has to be more than just powerful, they have to be aspirational and reliable. It’s really sad to see people in positions of power mistaking fear for respect.

The most inspiring and respected leaders are the ones who people want to emulate. They are the ones who are missed and remembered, because not only do they tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done by walking the talk. They wouldn’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. They treat everyone like they’re human, not like a sub-human. To get respect, we simply have to give it.

Whether it’s our parents, bosses or peers, we have a tremendous respect for people who are not dictated by their ego, people who add value to our lives where having them in our lives make it easier, not harder for us, to be happy, always.

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