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Police officers have pretty tough jobs and they can often get a pretty bad rap thanks to the press. Of course, the fact that they also live lives outside of the force adds a whole different dimension to this story. As you’ll see ahead, there are some police officers who have back stories that either not a lot of people know about, or their department would like to keep under wraps. From officers who are lingerie models to drag racing coppers to straight up corruption, there’s quite a few interesting secrets out there that may just change how you see the men and women in blue – for better and worse.

We’ll start things off with a cop who was just straight up corrupt but was too dumb to hide it. We think the time he showed up to work in a Ferrari demonstrates that. Then there’s a German police officer who moonlights as a fitness and bodybuilding model. Think police have a lot of weapons? Just wait until you see what sort of equipment the government’s been giving them over the years. Speaking of the government, a lot of people already know the NSA is tracking pretty much everyone. It turns out your police can do the same thing. One Denver police force would like to just forget the story about one of their own who spent years stealing money from the department and using its accounts as a personal piggy bank. In a comical twist, we’ll tell you about the time a British police officer spent a night being directed to chase down a shadowy figure who turned out to be himself. We’re definitely sure that no police force wants the citizens to know that a lot of those complaints we make about police performance are either locked away or even shredded. Not a lot of you may know that some police actually promote racing and take part in challenging kids. Yup, it’s actually at the drag strip and puts a positive twist on street racing. Back into the realm of corruption, we’ll look at the incredible story of Officer Gliniewicz who fooled everyone around him right up until his passing. Finally, we’ll heat things up with a look at one New York cop who turned a lot of heads when she revealed she was a lingerie model.

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