SECRETS School Sororities Don't Want You To Know

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Surprising Things SECRET SOCIETIES Don't Want You To Know

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Unless you are a member of one, you might not know much about what it takes to be in a sorority. We know that members have to pay their dues, show up to meetings, and wear clothing with Greek letters on it, but that’s the extent of most of our knowledge. Today, we are going to let you in on some of the strange requirements that new pledges face when joining a sorority. Established members try to keep this hush hush, but in addition to your substantial yearly dues, you’ll be expected to purchase a large about of sorority swag, and you can even be financially penalized for breaking rules. When it comes to initiations, a shocking amount of them involve food of some kind. Some pledges ended up getting chocolate syrup and marshmallow fluff dumped on their heads for answering sorority trivia questions incorrectly, while others were forced to choose between taking a big bite out of an apple or an onion! A few emails regarding sorority dress codes have become public knowledge and the requirements are a bit strict to say the very least. They tell you everything from what sort of shoes to wear, to what texture your hair can be. Gossip is something that can’t really be prevented when you get enough people together, but one sorority feeds off of it and encourages members to “anonymously” provide information about one another. Of course, lifelong friendships can and do form within sororities, but when you first join you’ll likely be overwhelmed with affection from your “big sister” who is under strict orders to keep you from leaving.

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