SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

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Today, there’s a noticeable divide of opinion when it comes to the police. Issues of trust, racial profiling and some unfortunate loss of life have all put the police services under a lot of scrutiny. Through all of this, people forget that those men and women in uniform are actually human beings. In fact, there’s a lot we don’t know about them and the job they do. Thankfully, we have some confessions to give us a glimpse into their lives.
We’ll do anything to get out of trouble and one police confession demonstrates that they know this whenever we are approached. Ever heard of police being required to fill quotas for tickets and arrests? It happens unofficially in many places. We often forget that police are people with families of their own. One cop’s confession helps get this point across. When it comes to speeding, one confession shows that the limit is actually a bit different depending on the officer and the situation. Are you dating a cop or a family member of a cop? One confession reveals that they may have already checked you out long before you actually meet them in person. When it comes to trying to get out of a ticket with a good excuse, one officer reveals that it’s all pointless. They’ve already decided whether you’ll get a fine or a warning. Then there’s the cop who admits they let the elderly off of a lot of tickets simply because they have paid their dues. Think some cops are corrupt? Yup, it happens in every job and every now and then an officer gets caught and confesses to accepting bribes so others can get around the law. It isn’t all bad, however. One officer revealed he did accept a bribe – of candy – from a 5-year old in exchange for just a warning. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. Finally, there’s proof that police are really just like the rest of us. Police confess that they hate to be the party-poopers responsible for shutting down celebrations. After all, they were once partying with their friends too.

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