Seoul and Beijing: Mending relations or widening gulf?

President Moon Jae-In was welcomed in the Great Hall of the People by leader Xi Jinping.
Moons says he wishes to strengthen ties - and is calling for a 'new era' in the relationship based on trust and friendship.
It is their first meeting since the US Secretary of State opened the door to unconditional talks with North Korea.
It was also a chance to defuse Chinese tension surrounding the deployment of a US missile defence system in the south.
Warmer relations between the neighbours could play a crucial role in organising talks with the north.

Can South Korea and China help bring Pyongyang to the negotiating table?

Presenter: Laura Kyle.


Victor Gao - Chairman of the China Energy Security Institute.

Se-Woong Koo - Political commentator and publisher of Korea Expose.

Aidan Foster-Carter - Honorary Senior Research Fellow in sociology and modern Korea at Leeds University.

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