Shelter: America's Homeless Veterans - Featured Documentary

Roger Schultz served as a cannoneer sergeant in the US Marine Corps. He liked serving in the army, because "I learned how to be a Marine and nothing else. You always had somebody on your side."

Eventually he quit the army to be back with his family, but his wife left him the following year and his life spiralled out of control. Schultz ended up living out of his truck, barely getting by.

In search of a place to stay, he finally checked into a Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in California, which provides housing and group therapy for former members of the military.

Scarred by war, many returning soldiers struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their inability to adjust from combat life to civilian life often leads to substance abuse and addiction, thus, finding support for healing and recovery is a constant challenge.

The VRC and its counselors help returning veterans find jobs and sort out supplemental government income, healthcare needs and their housing situation.

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