Should You Settle In Love? (Relationship Happiness)

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Is this person right for you, or do you deserve better? Watch this XO

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To Read:
Should you settle when it comes to love and relationships?

If you start off a relationship thinking that you are ‘settling’ for the person, it indicates that you feel shortchanged in some way. This means that you’re already starting off unhappy. Deep down inside, you know you’re uncomfortable but you’re also trying to be optimistic.

This feeling of doubt and discomfort isn’t actually caused by whether or not you’re with the right person. The nagging feeling is brought about by you wondering if you deserve better than this.

It could very well be true that you have more desirable qualities than your partner. In many, many relationships, one person is more dynamic, more charismatic, more giving, more intelligent, more good-looking makes more money, and the list goes on.

But if it’s about what they deserve, then aren’t all these people settling when they marry someone who isn’t as “awesome” as them? Then, why are they so happy with their partner?

Often, it is our mindset and perception towards what we think we deserve in our lives that causes us so much unhappiness.

When we think we deserve better, we will always feel like we are settling. When we feel like we are settling, it causes us to feel resentful and angry every time a challenge crop in our relationship.

Even when someone is abusing us, it's not a question of whether we deserve better, it's about whether we respect ourselves enough to understand that an abusive partner isn't healthy for us.

In life, the question to ask ourselves is not what we deserve but what do we truly want in life?

When it comes to our relationships, we can’t know what the absolute right decision is because we cannot know the future, but what we can do, is to make decisions with the right mindset - where if we commit, we do so fully embracing that we chose the person, and not that we settled for the person. Always remember that our partner can only bring joy into our lives. It is always still our own responsibility to learn how to be happy, always.

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