Small Details You Missed In Alien: Covenant

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Maybe Alien: Covenant wasn't quite the Alien movie all the fans have been dying for. But it came pretty close! It had lots of aliens, right? As a bridge between Prometheus and the greater Alien universe, Covenant bore a heavy burden for fans of the franchise, and it took that burden seriously. Love it or hate it, we got an official backstory for the xenomorphs and the promise of more mythology to come. What we also got was a ton of Easter eggs pointing back to earlier Alien films. Here's a look, but be careful — some of these eggs could have some pretty nasty contents lurking inside. Like spoilers!

The bird | 0:37
The hidden trailer | 1:13
Terrible food | 1:43
David and Walter | 2:49
MU/TH/UR's Day | 3:40
Beerfest | 4:26
Paradise found | 4:57
Writing on the wall | 5:39

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