Sneaky Ways YouTube Controls Your Behavior

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Media has a big stake in our reality. Besides the people in your inner circle, what influences your beliefs more than entertainment? Whether it be books, TV, video games, or movies, you’re entire being is being shaped by what you read, watch, and play. This shouldn't be a surprise. But the sneaky ways that media does it, and to what extent, are quite surprising. Take YouTube, for instance. These days, people use YouTube more than all the previously mentioned entertainment platforms combined. YouTube knows this, because YouTube made it this way. By implementing features like autoplay, recommended videos, monetization, and the most ingenious algorithm ever conceived, YouTube has manufactured consent and controlled your attention. Not to mention the fact that, by promoting certain videos and concealing others, YouTube’s influence escapes the confines of the screen, determining many of the actions a person takes in real life. YouTube’s in all of us, whether we know it or not.

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