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Are people irritating... or are you irritated? X

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People are not irritating, we are just irritated. In life, there are always multiple ways of looking at one thing.

Which concept we choose to embrace as the truth has a huge impact on how happy we are.

At first glance, it seems easier to be happy if we attribute blame to the people whom we think is correctly responsible. Why should we take on the responsibility of having to be understanding when someone is clearly being a jerk?

Yet, when we’re upset and irritated and frustrated… the person who is the most affected, the most unhappy… is ourselves.

We hold on so rightly to being right that we want the person who hurt us to feel bad for it to be on their conscience.

But chances are…they’ve already forgotten about it. We are the only ones holding on to the concept of what ‘should be’.

Another alternative is to instead focus on the concept that people are not good or bad, it’s the way we define them that makes them so.

On a day to day basis, even as we believe someone to be rude, we have to keep in mind that it may just be our perception, and our perception may change if we have more information.

For example, if someone pushes you as they run past you’ll think and believe that they’re a rude person. But if you find out that they were running to save a child who’s drowning… you’ll think they’re a hero.

We cannot possibly know why people are the way they are but we know exactly how we are and how we want to be. Nobody can be rude to us if we are not offended.

We can choose how we view something and it has nothing to do with blind optimistic or naivety - it’s plain logic and wisdom which way of thinking rewards us the most, not in terms of satisfaction or validation, but in a way that allows us to truly be happy, always!


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