Super Mario Odyssey Easter Eggs You Missed

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Super Mario Odyssey isn't just Mario's biggest adventure ever, or one of the best games of 2017: it's also a giant, sprawling love letter to every facet of Mario history. Odyssey might take Mario further than he's ever been from the Mushroom Kingdom, but the entire journey is absolutely drenched in callbacks to his long and storied past. Just watch out for spoilers: this list goes into just a few of the big surprises waiting for you...

A wonderful wardrobe | 0:25
Celebrating Super Mario Maker | 2:08
Mario 64, evolved | 3:21
All Kong, all the time | 4:20
You found a Power Moon! | 5:21
Toe-tapping tunes | 6:01
Return to the Mushroom Kingdom | 6:24

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