Surprising Differences Between President Trump And Kim Jong-Un

10 Ways America Is Similar To North Korea

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Besides the obvious physical differences between the two, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump diverge in many ways. We’ll tell you some of the surprising differences between the two of them. While Melania Trump is not shy in the spotlight, Kim Jong-un’s elusive wife is kept practically a secret. Kim Jong-un can’t seem to spend enough on alcohol, while Donald Trump is completely straight edge. We’ll tell you about what the two men like to eat, and which one is more likely to shake your hand, and which will offer you a high five. Who has more military training? Kim Jong-un may have inherited his father’s collection of 30,000 films, but Trump actually has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You might be surprised to find out! Learn some fascinating facts about these two that will make you glad you don’t live in North Korea.

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