Surprising Facts Your Body Language Reveals About Your Relationship

10 Signs Someone Likes You

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Without realizing it, you are sending out all sorts of signals to current and future romantic prospects via your body language. Whether you want to make sure that you’re sending the right message, or you need some help decoding what your boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking, we can help you out. We will let you know what it means to get or give a kiss on the forehead, and what it means when your partner walks ahead of you when you’re on a stroll. Dating can be complicated to say the least, so having access to this information might just make it a little bit easier to see if your crush is interested in you. Even something as simple as the way you watch Netflix together can let you know if you’re emotionally close together, or if you are drifting apart. Even happy couples fight from time to time, but what you do with your body during that time can convey as much as your words do.

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