Surprising Things Discovered Inside Creatures

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top 10 things found inside animals
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Has your shoe ever gone missing? Ever noticed your cat always seems to be around when the string disappears? Yes, animals have a tendency to eat all sorts of things. In fact, it isn’t even limited to our household pets. Look around the world and you will find countless stories of jungle explorers and fishermen coming across creatures who had some rather unusual finds inside. From whales to house cats, we’ve bet you’ll be surprised by the 10 things found in these creatures.
Ahead we’ll start you off with a story about a Labrador retriever that ate a car. OK, not a full-sized car but a toy one. Then there are the countless stories of fishermen finding strange things in their catches. Although we think finding a cell phone takes top prize in this instance. Tires go on cars, but would you ever suspect they also go in sharks? Well, it turns out some sharks enjoy a good tire every now and then. When you were little, a rubber ducky was usually found in or near the bathtub. Today, it turns out, these little yellow guys are ending up inside our dogs. We’ll head on over to the swamp where the frogs live. Apparently when one of these little green creatures wasn’t eating flies he was getting his fill of rocks – a lot of rocks! Ever hit golf balls into the ocean just for the heck of it? You may want to rethink that after you hear what was found in the belly of one whale. Back to our own dogs, we’ll look at one Golden Retriever who was found with a whole lightbulb inside of him. Not such a bright idea, we guess. Cats aren’t innocent in this story either. In fact, one family’s pet had to go to the vet to get a checkup and was found to contain an alien action figure. Back into the water, we’ll take one more look at the mighty sharks. In fact, these guys will eat everything, as proven by the fact an entire chicken coop was found inside one of these deep sea predators. Finally, the slithering snake is known to eat its prey whole. One massive python must have been a bit cold one day because experts found a whole electric blanket in its stomach.

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