Talk to Al Jazeera - Skerrit: At the mercy of the international community

As hurricane season ripped through the Caribbean in one of the worst recorded episodes of the weather phenomenon, the people of Dominica, the 'nature island of the Caribbean', braced for the impact of Hurricane Maria.

The small, island nation of 73 thousand people in the Caribbean sea was destroyed. Dominica is a small peaceful island with no military to speak of, an economy once built on banana exports and now building an eco-tourism industry... the damage remains unspeakable.

People were reported missing and others had died in the night. The eye of Hurricane Maria made a direct hit as a category 5 - the strongest level of hurricane - and ripped apart anything in it's path.

The entire country was left without electricity, water, or phone service. There was no way to contact the outside world. Or the world to reach anybody inside.

Dominica went dark for 48 hours, where the outside world was not privy to the situation on the island. However, as the sun came up, the scale of the destruction was evident.

The nation of Dominica will need to be entirely rebuilt.

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