Teens Who Got Ridiculously RICH OVERNIGHT

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10 Teenagers Who Became Rich And Famous From Social Media

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Social media has become way more than just a way to stay connected with friends and families. Careers can be made or broken because of it, and some of those careers are quite lucrative to say the least. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few of the ways that we share what’s on our minds with each other. They also provide a wealth of information and make it easily accessible. In fact, it’s thanks to a YouTube tutorial that singer Shawn Mendes knows how to play the guitar. And it was because of Vine that he was discovered and moved on to sing some of the catchiest tunes around. Loren Gray may only pretend to sing, but her lip syncing is absolutely on fleek, and her millions of fans think so as well. These teens have become rich just by putting themselves out there online. We can’t solve the mystery of why she got arrested at Coachella (not yet, anyways,) but we can tell you about Tana Mongeau’s rise to internet stardom. We’re not saying there’s a perfect age to get started producing content, but makeup tutorial vlogger Amanda Steele and the infamous Lohanthony (aka Anthony Quintal,) both got started at age ten. Maddi Bragg might have incredibly popular videos about makeup and style, but will she ever be able to compete with Bretman Rock’s contouring skills? And you might not have heard of Danielle Bergoli, but we bet you’re familiar with the catchphrase that’s helping her pull in the big bucks.

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