The 10 Most Heavily Protected Places On Earth

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These most heavily protected and guarded places on earth will amaze you! The World is filled with secrets but none of us like secrets – well, other people’s secrets, that is. We feel offended when people hide things from us, and doubly so when it’s a large organization like the government.

Many of us feel entitled to know exactly what is going on in our countries. Unfortunately, some secrets are so dangerous that organizations feel they have no choice but keep them from the public. We’re not getting into the debate of whether this is right and wrong, we’re just reporting facts. We’re also doing our part by showing you the most protected places on Earth and giving you an idea of what they are hiding.

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If you stay tuned you’ll be learning about a joint U.S. and U.K. government agency that spies on people – possibly even you and us. You’ll also see the headquarters of a secret North Korean organization that has been accused of all kinds of evil doings. You’ll get the opportunity to see the most protected mobile location in the world.

During this video, we’ll let you know about the precise security systems that keep these locations closed off from the public – and whether or not any civilians are allowed to enter. Surprisingly, there are a few that allow visitors – but only those who are well-vetted. Yes, this means that if you play your cards right you can gain entry to some of these heavily-guarded places. Don’t expect to see exactly what they’re hiding, though. This is a privilege reserved for only a handful of people.

Keep watching so you can get a little closer to the truth about what reality really is.

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