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Don't suppress your anger. Here's a better alternative. X

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Anger is not a bad emotion. It’s a human emotion. It’s very rare that people don’t experience the feeling of anger. Some people however, have cultivated the ability to not let anger take over their emotions or dictate their actions.

Most of us have to try hard to not be affected by anger, and the work towards being a less angry person takes us through 3 different stages:

The first stage is where we learn to suppress our anger. This is a stage most of us have instinctively managed to grasp, because we learn early on in life that we can’t just throw tantrums or lose our temper in public, at work, or even at home. But this is also the stage where all the frustration and anger accumulates and builds up somewhere inside of us, where one day we have to let it all out, and that usually doesn't bode so well for us, either for our own stress levels or for our relationships with people.

The second stage, is where we’ve developed the ability to let go of anger, where whenever we feel a negative charge, we’re able to immediately recognise it and change the trajectory of our feelings. Letting go of anger can be immensely difficult because it requires a complete acknowledgement of our ego, and an extremely present state of mind to focus on our objectives.

Letting go of anger is only possible when we understand that we’re not doing it for others, but for ourselves.

The third stage is where we’re completely free from the feeling of anger. No matter what anyone says or does, no matter how bad things get or what the circumstances are… the feeling of anger is simply absent. This sounds incredible, even impossible, because we’re human afterall - we’re not robots. But people who never get angry aren't weird or strange, rather, they have the highest level of empathy, understanding and acceptance, and their worldview, mindset and way of life makes it impossible for anger or hatred.

Anger is interesting, because every time we experience the emotion we discover something about ourselves. And as strange as it may sound, it’s fun when we get to test out with new ways of rising above our anger, of being better versions of ourselves. Not as a pressure or goal, but simply as an experiment, to see what new skills we can pick up, and in what ways we can teach ourselves to be happy, always.
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