The 5 most annoying changes in the new iPhone update

iOS 11 is pretty great, but some of its changes — like hiding auto brightness and moving the new account setup menu — are annoying. Here's how to fix them.

Videos auto-play in the app store: This is easy to disable. Go to Settings—iTunes & App Store—Auto Play—Videos—Select "Off"

Control Center doesn't turn Bluetooth & WiFi off: Instead it just disconnects your phone, while still searching for WiFi & Bluetooth signals. You have to turn them off completely from the Settings app. The icon will have a slash to show it's turned off.

Auto-Brightness is really hard to find: It's not in Display & Brightness. Instead, go to Settings—General—Accessibility—Display Accommodations—Enable/Disable as desired

Night Shift mode isn't in the Control Center: It's there, it's just buried. Force Press the brightness control. It will show up below the slider.

Adding accounts is in a totally different spot: It used to just be in the Mail settings. Now, go to Settings—Accounts & Passwords—Add Account—Set up your account

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