The Biggest Misconceptions Of Sharks

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Sharks are one of the most feared creatures on the planet, but what have they truly done to deserve their bad reputation? We were all scared to go back in the water after seeing Jaws, but that was a work of fiction. What about the real sharks that are swimming within our ocean? There is an incredible number of species of sharks, some of which are incredibly rare. So while you may automatically picture a great white when you hear the word, “shark,” there’s way more out there! If you think all sharks just indiscriminately devour everything in their paths, take a closer look inside their mouths. Well, from the safety of behind your computer or phone screen of course. You may think of these creatures as mindless, but each shark has its own, distinct personality. Sharks tend to be curious animals, and many incidents between sharks and humans are really just a big misunderstanding. They may seem like they’d be adept at protecting themselves, but for the tiny catshark, curling up into a protective ball is sometimes their only defense. Other sharks prefer to stay out of confrontations entirely, by blending in with the floor of the ocean. They say that humans have five senses, but sharks have a couple of extra ones that you may not know about. They can actually detect electrical fields put off by other creatures, and notice minute changes in the ocean current.

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