The Ending Of American Psycho Finally Explained

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American Psycho might have seemed like a straightforward film about a psychotic serial killer — one who has good hygiene and knows his font types. But the third act of the movie intentionally unravels and leaves us guessing about what, if anything, actually happened to our deranged protagonist throughout the whole film. See, that's the trouble with having a delusional maniac at the center of the plot — his memory of his own supposed murder spree might not be so reliable after all. Like any good film, however, there are an abundance of clues scattered throughout the movie, and subsequent commentaries might help fans parse out Patrick Bateman's reality from his mental fiction. So, let's take a look at what really happened at the end of American Psycho...

The body count | 0:39
The convenient alibi | 2:00
The cover up? | 3:09
The voice of authority | 4:37

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