The Ending Of Stranger Things 2 Explained

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If you haven't finished watching Stranger Things 2, turn back now! You can definitely expect spoilers ahead. The second season of Stranger Things wrapped about as neatly as you could hope for; Hawkins, Indiana is once again safe from the threat of the Upside-Down, and Mike and Eleven finally got that dance. Yeah, we're still hurting inside for Bob. The rest of the cast made it through the season with nothing worse than a broken nose and a
few bruised egos. But those last few episodes came and went like a lightning strike, so let's take a moment to slow it down and look at some of the finer points of what happened at the end of Stranger Things 2...

Looming shadow | 0:38
Closing the gate | 1:45
Power surge | 2:05
Broken hive mind | 2:54
Cooking the virus | 3:32
Tunnel distraction | 4:08
The truth is out...sort of | 4:42

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