The FASTEST DOGS You Could Never Outrun

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There are a lot of things dogs are good at. They can be used for hunting prey, herding livestock, or even assisting police officers. But sometimes all a dog wants to do is go for a nice long run. We can’t relate to that feeling, but the dogs in our video sure can! We’ll show you ten of the fastest dog breeds in the world who put human runners to shame. Naturally, we couldn’t do this video without talking about the greyhound, the dog we actually line up to watch race for our amusement. Then there’s the saluki, which might be a little slower, but is able to maintain its great speed for longer distances thanks to a very special adaptation. One dog that is a great mix of knowing how to work and play is the vizsla which hails from Hungary. Its small size and fast speed make it an amazing hunting buddy, while its affectionate nature makes it a perfect fit for the entire family. Speaking of small but fast dogs, we also have the popular Jack Russell terrier that was bred to be both fast and fearless. On the other end of the size spectrum is the great dane, whose massive legs and serious muscles give them the speed necessary to run down wild boars and even bears. Speed can be a huge asset when you’re herding livestock, and the impatient Australian kelpie has plenty of it, although they’re not opposed to taking a shortcut through the sheep if need be.

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