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What are you sensitive about? Here's why we react negatively to what people say. X

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Communication is like peeling an onion, there are layers upon layers of communication that we keep uncovering as we go along.

It is the very first layer of communication that sets the direction of how effectively we can communicate - we have to first know what are the things we’re sensitive about, and work on not being defensive or upset when our buttons are pressed.

This is why we can be the nicest, most well-meaning person, yet we find ourselves easily irritated, offended, or quick to judge.

People can be surprised at how we react to certain situations, but it’s because they don’t know what we’re sensitive about. Sometimes, even we don’t know or want to admit what we’re sensitive about.

It is only when we have a chip on the shoulder, or if there’s something we feel insecure about, that we would be defensive or offensive. We’d feel that we have something to prove.
It is only when we’re already sensitive about something that we would react negatively to what people say - you can make the exact same comment to two different people, and one will laugh it off whilst the other will take offense.

A nice person and an arrogant person may seem like they have not much in common, but both could take things very personally. Nice people too, can react negatively when they don't like what they hear.

If we can focus on receiving someone’s message without putting our own pre-conceived notions and sensitives upon it, it would be such a freeing way to live

We won’t keep feeling like we have to defend ourselves, or that people just don’t understand. Life is better when we don’t have immediate reactions to what people say.

No matter what people say or imply, they are not our enemy. Our biggest challenge has always been ourselves, people can say whatever they want, but how we choose to receive it is up to us, and it plays a huge factor in whether we can be happy, always!


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