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'My children come home from school hungry, they open the refrigerator, and there isn't anything.' — This is what Trump's shutdown is doing to families across the U.S.
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These are the real life stories of the government shutdown

"I’m here today to bring my bill for Mr. Mitch McConnell to show him, if you’re not familiar, I’m on a Second Chance program, I have to have my rent in on time. I have no more money coming in. I am a guard at the Smithsonian Institute and I need my rent paid and I have nothing because I need to know when is he going to open things back up because I am about to be evicted. If I don’t have my rent in by the 1st of next month, through the Second Chance program, I will be evicted."

Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a vote to reopen the government. Even though the bill passed in the House.

"Our children are unjustly facing the consequences. It is heartbreaking when my children come home from school hungry, they open the refrigerator, and there isn’t anything. And they ask me, ‘Mama, why is there no food? Why haven’t you gone grocery shopping.’ And I tell them, I’m going to go tomorrow. They don’t need to know what is happening, because it is traumatic for them, too. And so I ask the government: Please reopen so that we can get back to the jobs we do every day."

Trump’s top economic advisor said the shutdown is a ‘free vacation’

'We can’t pay our bills. I can’t provide for myself. I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. I’m bored. What am I supposed to do? They just dropped the ball on us, sent us out on Christmas vacation, we haven’t been back to work. Then they try to put back to work with no pay. That’s not fair. And I blame the President.

Can’t pay my bills. I’m on medication. I’m worried about being able to pay for the medication I have to pay for, gas to get there, to get the medication, to try to get it, my rent, my kids in college, tuition, they need help, water, gas, lights, I mean it’s impacted me pretty bad."

This is the longest government shutdown in American history. Trump says it will not end unless he gets border wall funding.

"I have a little 10 year old daughter that is my pride and joy, she’s my heart. I actually had to take her out of cheerleading because I didn’t have the money to pay for her to continue it. It’s hard, it is. As a man, personally, and my daughter being my pride and joy, making ends meet, like, we don’t make a lot, like everybody thinks, oh, you know, you’re supposed to have 3-6 months savings, but that’s hard when you’re not making that much to have 3-6 months savings, and you have bills, and you gotta figure out if you wanna pay your car payment, or if you wanna pay your rent, or your life insurance, you have to basically pick options. It’s been very hard."

Federal contract workers cannot receive back pay once the shutdown ends. Sen. Tina Smith has proposed a plan to change that

"You know what most Americans know: that if you don’t get paid, you don’t pay your bills. You can’t — how are you going to pay for childcare? What if you have a prescription that you have to fill? What if you need to figure out how to pay your rent but you didn’t get that check? It doesn’t work. Life doesn’t work."

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