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Joy doesn't come from perfection or validation. Here's why true joy lies in freedom. X

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Is happiness a place where we feel completely good with ourselves? The biggest joy, is not to be able to feel perfect, or to feel accepted. The biggest joy is to be able to feel FREE.

Free of worries of judgement from others and ourselves.
Free of guilt.
Free of what has been done to us.
Free of expectations we put on ourselves.
Free of the standards we measure ourselves against.
Free of craving for love and approval, even from our parents.

Free to love ourselves. To be ourselves. To be our authentic self - transparent, warts and all, and free to live life in a way that is ALL about bettering ourselves, without the weigh of insecurities and fears holding us back from being truly real, truly authentic.

We care so much about what people think, we don't want people to look down on us, so we try hard to prove our worth, but the harder we try to do that, the more we become but a shadow of our true potential.

Because in our quest to prove worthy, we become critical and judgmental and competitive and insulting and snide and sarcastic - but that's not really US - that's us with the layers of condescendence and judgement that stems from our lack of ability to fully be comfortable with who WE are, so we're always on the defensive and looking to point out people’s flaws, so that we're not so alone in our imperfections.

And sometimes, we spend our life putting ourselves down - we constantly feel that we're not good enough, that no matter how hard we try, we'll never be good enough.

And here's the truth - we don't know if we will ever be enough in the eyes of people, even people who love us. Maybe people do look down upon us, maybe they do judge or criticise us, but it matters so much more what WE think of ourselves than what they think of us.

There's joy in being imperfect and growing, because that's what life is. We can travel, we can build empires, we can have family, but the biggest joy will always be how we freely we love and appreciate our life and ourselves, and if we allow ourselves to be free to be happy, always.


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