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Does the law of attraction really work? Watch this X

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The law of attraction - is it true that we can draw positivite experiences in our lives by having positive thoughts?

In life, we will have philosophies or beliefs that we might want to embrace, or already do. But above and beyond that, there is always logic. So we don't have to just depend on preference or faith on whether we want to subscribe to something, but we can always to look into whether the belief or philosophy makes sense to us.

Whether or not we believe in the law of attraction is not as important as the observation of what we experience in our lives on a day-to-day basis. Because we only experience positivity when we put in positive actions. Positive thoughts are important, but only because they manifest into positive actions.

Our energy is powerful because positive energy compels us to act a certain way - positive energy makes us more optimistic and less cynical, it makes us less wary of people and more helpful and kind, it makes us less oblivious and more observant of opportunities that come our way.

Positive thoughts and positive energy translates into a smile, a gesture, a decision - and they are all actions that we put in to help ourselves get what we want. Logic never fails. If we look at everything as an opportunity, then something will turn out to be an opportunity.

So yes, there is the law of attraction, but perhaps the manifestation of all the good luck and opportunity isn’t because the universe is giving us what we want, it’s because we have the ability to see that the universe is ALWAYS giving us what we want, and all we have to do it to see the world in a certain way to be able to claim it.

Good luck is like a boomerang. We get back what we put out, and when we give out positivity and happiness... it’s only logic that we’ll be able to live a life where we can be happy, always.

Xandria Ooi, Inspiring
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