The Love Life of the Horseshoe Crab | A mating ritual 450 million years old || Wild Lives ep. 3

A MATING RITUAL 450 MILLION YEARS OLD. When you first see a horseshoe crab, it’s impossible to tell if it’s even alive. But as the tide eats away at the coastline along the eastern seaboard each spring, and the sun sets over the horizon, these seemingly-dead creatures come to life with one singular purpose: to mate.

Horrific creature? Maybe—but only if you look at its underbelly. From above, it’s really just a bicycle helmet looking for love. Learn all about the wild mating rituals and weird reproductive cycle of the horseshoe crab.

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Popular Science’s WILD LIVES is a series that dives like an Emperor penguin into some of the wildest stories and weirdest facts about, of course, wild animals (sometimes botanical wonders, too!). In their own words. Well, approximately their own words—they are wild animals after all.

Video by: Tom McNamara & Eleanor Cummins
Animation: Beth Wexler
Narrator: Elizabeth Ollier
Executive Producer: Amy Schellenbaum
Editor-in-Chief: Corinne Iozzio

“A Trip to the Moon” (1902, Georges Méliès), Pond5, “The Astronomer’s Dream” (1898, Georges Méliès), The Birth of Venus (1485-1486, Sandro Botticelli)

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