The Most Dangerous Police Dogs

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When it comes to training and discipline police dogs are a cut above most others. Simply put, they have to be. A police dog’s job can cover everything from protecting its human handler to chasing down suspects to finding lost children in the middle of a forest. This requires incredible brain power and a body that can stand up to the demands of service. It’s a good thing then, that we have these following four-legged officers to help us out.
We’ll drop by a police competition in Australia to check out the incredible take-down capabilities demonstrated by one dog. Back in the US, we’ll show you how the much misunderstood Pit Bull is becoming quite the success story in some police departments. Then there are the Chinese academies that train police dogs. In addition to all the strenuous tests you’d expect, these dogs are incredibly disciplined – even when it comes to dinner time. In India, there’s a special group of police dogs who have been trained to protect that country’s tiger population. Dogs protecting cats? That’s madness. Then there’s the story of Officer Lucas, a brave and disciplined police dog who made headlines when he saved his police handler during an ambush on a dark desolate highway. It’s not all overly dramatic work, however. Sniffer dog Megan has used her incredible nose in combination with training to intercept massive amounts of cocaine. Speaking of using your nose, there’s the awesome story of Trakr, a search and rescue dog who worked tirelessly at ground zero to save victims trapped 30 feet under the debris of the World Trade Center. Over in Russia, they’ve needed a lot of training and emphasis on discipline to bring their wolf dogs up to par. Now that they have, these police dogs are proving to be pretty effective. Ever wonder where most police dogs come from? We’ll head over to the Czech Republic and show you why police forces love to buy their dogs from this European nation. Finally, no video would be complete with a tip of the hat to the German Shepherd Dog – the face of police K9 units around the world. We’ll tell you about one Shepherd whose training and discipline prevented a situation from going bad for everyone.

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