The Most Disciplined Flight Attendants In The World

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You might think of flight attendants as just the people who hand you your complimentary bottled water, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about. Flight attendants have to go through a massive amount of training that would prove too difficult for most of us. Imagine being sent to a fifteen week intensive training course just to be a flight attendant! Sure, you’ll get to slide down the big, yellow rubber slide, but even that isn’t as much fun as it sounds so you’ll have to wear protective gear. You can also practice exiting the plane in case of an aquatic landing in their wave pool. We know that a great smile can say a lot, but some flight attendants have to go through rigorous training to perfect showing off those pearly whites. Safety is a huge concern for many airlines, and flight attendants are trained to respond to emergency situations, as well as to perceive potential threats and cut them off as quickly as possible. And not all training takes place in a classroom or in the air; some flight attendants in China even train barefoot on the edge of a mountain to make sure they can perform their duties properly under pressure. Of course, you’ll also have to learn to match your lipstick to your uniform and style your hair in one of the few approved hairstyles. Not only do flight attendants learn to keep you and your fellow passengers safe, they also know how to look great doing it!

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