The Most Expensive Items In American Pickers History

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz struck gold with their hit History Channel series American Pickers, which follows the besties around the country as they search for treasure in America's garages, basements, and outbuildings. Not every trip is a major payday, but sometimes the boys get lucky. Here are some of the most expensive items ever discovered on American Pickers.


1935 Auburn Phaeton 653 | 0:20
A leather license plate | 0:58
Sideshow banners | 1:30
1910 Royal Pioneer motorcycle | 1:59
Motorcycles from Paper City | 2:32
Yoda prototype | 2:59
A train that went off the rails | 3:33
$10,500 motorcycle and sidecar | 4:12
$46,000 Nash-Healeys | 4:43
A rare haul | 5:24
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