The Most Luxurious Airlines Only Rich People Can Afford

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There are many different ways to travel. While there are merits to traveling via train, boat, or taking a long road trip in your car, flying is an increasingly popular way for people to get from point A to point B. When booking your flight, you might wonder if the increased cost for first class is worth it. What do you really get besides some extra legroom and the privilege of being the first to get started on sitting on the runway? Well, depending on your flights there may just be some luxury extras that you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on-if you can afford it, of course! Why settle for just a single seat when you can get your own apartment in the sky with Etihad Airlines? If you don’t quite need all that extra space, many flights offer suites that offer both privacy and comfort. Forgot your jammies back at home? No worries. On these flights you’ll be treated to more than just a scratchy and likely unwashed blanket. You’ll get soft, comfortable pajamas with matching slippers, of course. Put up the partition or close the door, slip on your complimentary noise-cancelling headphones, and enjoy ignoring everyone around you with ease. On some flights, you’ll even be able to take a shower while traveling, and apply your makeup at your own private vanity. This will make sure you reach your destination fresh-faced and ready to get started with your vacation.

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