The Most Paused Superhero Movie Moments

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Whether it's an X-Men film, the next chapter in the MCU, or an entry in the DC Extended Universe, superhero movies are filled with some truly incredible moments. These films are about super-poweredbeings who fight crime, serve justice, and provide humanity with hope. As a result, they've given us all kinds of epic moments and stunning visuals that'll make you want to slam that pause button.

It all started in 2008, when Tony Stark announced I Am Iron Man.

After that, we were introduced to a green rage monster, a star-spangled soldier, the god of thunder, and two deadly assassins. But we hadn't seen them all together yet, until The Avengers came along. Directed by Joss Whedon, this 2012 mega-hit assembled Earth's mightiest heroes for the very first time. They bickered, they bantered, they battled aliens, and every scene built towards possibly the greatest hero shot in cinematic history.

In the final act of the film, Loki and his Chitauri army are attacking New York City. Five of the six Avengers are doing their best to hold back the aliens, but then there's a toothy space whale joins the fray. Fortunately, that's when a bedraggled Bruce Banner shows up. He gets mad, Hulk smashes the Leviathan, and the angry Chitauri surround the Avengers, letting loose with a terrifying war cry. But these heroes aren't afraid. Instead, they all stand back-to-back, preparing for war, as the camera circles around them and you'll need to press pause so you can fully revel in such an awesome moment.

Black Panther introduced the world to Killmonger, possibly the greatest villain to wreak havoc in the MCU. Played by Michael B. Jordan, he's a black ops soldier who wants the Wakandan throne, but before he can rule, he must defeat King T'Challa.

Even though it's an incredibly advanced nation, Wakanda still practices ritual combat. If you beat the king, you get the crown, and Killmonger has been training his entire life for this. As his name implies, he's been racking up an impressive body count, and every time he takes a life, he marks his body with a scar. At first, we only see a few bumps on his forearm, but when it comes time to fight T'Challa, he pops that shirt off and reveals he's absolutely covered in little dots. Keep watching the video to see all the most paused superhero movie moments!


The Avengers | 0:22
Black Panther | 1:26
Captain America: Civil War | 2:27
The Dark Knight | 3:21
Iron Man | 4:22
The Dark Knight Rises | 5:13
Logan | 6:05
Avengers: Infinity War | 7:05
Wonder Woman | 8:05
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 9:06

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