The Most Ridiculously Expensive Things Conor McGregor Owns

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Ridiculous Expensive Things UFC Superstar Connor McGregor Owns

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Unless you’re into MMA and UFC there’s a good chance you aren’t overly familiar with the name Conor McGregor. Well, expect to hear his name more and more as the days tick down to his scheduled fight with Floyd Mayweather in August 2017. For now, however, we’re not going to look at Conor’s upbringing or fighting background. Instead, we’re going to go in a bit of a different direction and look at all the expensive things he’s bought for himself over the last few years.

Like any A-lister, you can expect McGregor’s closet to be filled with expensive shoes most of us would never think of buying. To go with those shoes, we’ve got the lowdown on this Irish fighter’s suit collection. Spoiler alert: It gets pricey. Naturally, there are his cars and one high-end ride is definitely the Rolls-Royce Phantom. With all that bling and fame, McGregor has had to hire on some security and bodyguards and that can only end up costing a pretty penny. Then there’s his training camps. Any good fighter needs a professional training camp and McGregor is known to dish out hundreds of thousands on his pre-fight preparations. At one UFC match interview, the Irish-born fighter turned heads and made headlines when he arrived wearing a white fur coat. We just wonder if he keeps that safe in his multi-million dollar Irish mansion he recently purchased. To go with all those shoes and suits, you need a good watch and McGregor definitely has a large collection of very expensive wrist pieces. Not impressed by his Rolls-Royce? Not a problem. We’ll show you his over-the-top Lamborghini Aventador which definitely isn’t cheap. Finally, any A-list celeb needs a jet. From what we know McGregor currently rents all his private rides. However, after some social media posts and a revealing interview with Ronaldo, we’re thinking a private jet might just be on its way to McGregor’s estate very soon.

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