The Most Secret Places The U.S. Government Doesn't Want You To Find

We know the government has secrets. For the safety of national security, there are facts about our reality that the government cannot let people from other countries, or even its citizens, know about. At least that’s the government’s excuse. While much of that reasoning is valid, investigations into the U.S. government have revealed widespread corruption and human rights violations against not only people from other countries, but its own citizens. So the concealment perpetuated by the government is not as righteous that they would have you think, as much of it is arranged for the sake of the people not discovering the immorality among their rulers.

Or maybe - just maybe - all the concealment revolves around aliens. Since at least the 1940s many Americans have believed that the government has been covering up the existence of aliens. This is due to the background behind some of the places in this video. Area 51 is considered by many to be the final resting place of crash-landed UFOs and aliens. Since this military base is used for the testing of weapons and aircrafts, it’s believed that Area 51 researchers study the unique technology from extraterrestrial ships and apply it to American aircrafts. Dulce Base is another supposedly supernatural military outpost that we included in this video. Though its existence is mere speculation, the base is thought to be buried deep underground the New Mexico desert and is run in joint partnership between humans and aliens.

Of course, not all of the government’s secret locations are thought to harbor aliens. Some, like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and the Dugway Proving Ground, have very clear purposes, and it makes sense as to why these places would be heavily guarded. However, this fact doesn’t stop people speculating on all the crazy conspiracies the government is orchestrating within these buildings. Even Google Maps seems to be complicit in the conspiratorial cover-up.

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