The Most Terrible Things Rick & Morty Have Ever Done

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The alcoholic, dimension-hopping mad scientist Rick Sanchez could be called a lot of things. "Compassionate," "friendly," and "filled with basic human decency" are not among them. Over two seasons, Rick and Morty have killed countless people, destroyed whole civilizations, and just made some pretty terrible life decisions. Here are some of the worst things Rick and Morty have ever done...

Murdered a bunch of bureaucrats | 0:28
Blew up the Zigerions | 1:08
Cronenberged the world | 1:57
Created Abradolf Lincler | 2:54
Abandoned Jerry forever | 3:47
Created and destroyed a universe | 4:27
Slaughtered innocent aliens | 5:36
Put deadly bacteria in ice cream | 6:25

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